Our company was founded in 1995 as a company specializing in freight forwarding. During this time, the company created a strong team performing professional and effective job. Over the years, we have earned a good reputation in terms of reliability and quality of our services.

Road Transportation

Road transportation is a convenient way of short –distance delivery. Flexible system provides quick solutions for route planning. A well-developed infrastructure makes it possible to transport cargoes, including oversized, “door to door”. Our specialists control the process of delivery and are ready to provide consultations with regard to business process.

Rail Transportation

Rail transport is the most popular method of transportation of goods in Russia, with long distances and unpredictable weather conditions. In addition, the cost of railway transportation compares favorably with other more expensive ways of delivery. The pricing policy in this area is the most stable and it is rising slower.

Sea transportation

Sea transportation is one of the most economical ways to ship goods. Shipping via sea allows transportation of all types of goods. Through a combination of low-cost, simple document management and a high level of security, this method of delivery is one of the most economical and popular. Sea shipped goods are brought in with the use of 40ft and 20ft universal ISO containers.


Airfreight – is the fastest way of transporting cargo of any size. Airfreight gives you time for things which are more pleasant than waiting for cargo. Also airfreight accelerates the business process, ensures receiving goods on time.

With all the obvious advantages in speed, reliability and security, air transportation today is most expensive way of transportation. However, our specialists will show every effort decreasing expenses of this service and make it affordable.