Company History

Our history

From humble beginnings
to a powerful fleet with a global reach



The group of companies “Beleks” was founded in 1995 by four partners working in the field of international road transport. One of the founders who is still running the company was Vasily Kovalenko.

Initially “Beleks” was created as a company providing only forwarding services. However, a few years later
the idea of buying own vehicles appeared.

First vehicle

In 1998 the company acquired the first domestically produced MAZ vehicle and a semitrailer. In 2004 the company acquired three more Volvo trucks with trailers.



+3 Volvo

In 2004 the company acquired three more Volvo trucks with trailers.

Rapid development

In 2006 there was a partial change of the founders as a result the company was joined by Alexander Kovalenko and Sergey Kovalenko. Since then, the company has achieved rapid development. In the same year there were purchased four more trucks combined with semi-trailers.



+2 Volvo

In 2008 “Beleks” has acquired two brand new Volvo trucks and Koegel trailers in Germany. The acquisition of new trucks coincided with the global financial crisis, which was the first serious stress test for the company.

+3 Iveco

In 2009 “Beleks” decided to purchase three more Iveco trucks.



+15 trucks

Day by day, intense work was carried out aimed at increasing the number of orders for cargo transportation, as well as the reduction of overhead costs, which in its turn allowed to offer customers competitive prices. This enabled the company to pay creditors and receive funding for further development. During 2010-2011, “Beleks” purchased 15 more trucks combined with trailers, including 3 refrigerator trailer.

>80 Vehicle

By 2019, the company’s fleet of vehicles includes more than 80 vehicles and 95 semi-trailers.



>150 Vehicle

We began intensive work on the collection and delivery of goods from China. We continued to increase capacity and the company’s fleet already includes more than 150 vehicles and 200 semi-trailers.” Today, Belex is a group of companies with offices in five countries and a fleet of more than one hundred and fifty road trains, with the ability to carry out transportation from America to Sakhalin, including expensive, dangerous goods.

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